CodeSiteEx is an extension for Raize Software's CodeSite debugging tool.  Its goal is to increase productivity when debugging software and to make CodeSite an even more powerful tool than it already is.

Features include:

Enhanced method-tracing.
CodeSite provides methods that allow you to send messages when your code enters or exits a method.  Unfortunately, making this work as expected can sometimes force a little more code to be added to your methods than you'd like.  CodeSiteEx decreases this to one line of code.

Enhanced Method Tracing    

Automatic Exception Notification    

High-Resolution Timer    

Additional Output Methods    

Third-Party Add-On Support    

Exception Logging    

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Automatic exception notification.
CodeSiteEx can hook into Delphi's exception system to report errors to any CodeSite object.  Optionally, CodeSiteEx can use the Project JEDI Code Library or madExcept to send call stack information in the error reports to help zero in on the exact line number from which the exception was raised.

High-resolution code timer.
With CodeSiteEx code can be timed using its built-in high-resolution timer.  Timings can be sent to CodeSiteEx in microseconds, CPU clock cycles or a special clock format.

Additional data types.
CodeSiteEx adds a few more output methods providing native support for more data types.

Support for third-party debuggers.
CodeSiteEx adds hooks for various third-party exception handlers; allowing their output to be sent to CodeSite.