CodeSiteEx's exception notification system is the backbone of the method tracing process, but it also does much more than report errors during a method trace.  To exploit its power, the TcsxErrorTrapControl component is provided to allow complete control over where, what, and how errors are reported.

Dropping this component on a form allows us to view its Published properties in the Object Inspector:

As can be seen, advanced error trapping can be enabled or disabled; this component also allows the developer to select the type of errors to trap (either Unhandled Exceptions or All Errors).  In addition, the error trapping can be instructed to ignore specific classes.  Finally, one of several destinations can be selected for the logged errors.

A quick look at the Events tab of the Object Inspector reveals a published OnException event.  This offers the developer the ability to customize the error trapping as he or she requires.  The OnException event has the following declaration...

... providing instant access to the Exception Object, the address of the exception, and whether or not the exception was at the operating system level.

You can see this control in action here.