Now we'll drop a CodeSite object on our form, as follows:

(Note: depending on the version of CodeSite you are using, the name of the CodeSite object will vary.  In this example, CodeSite 4 is being used)

We'll insert EnterMethod and ExitMethod calls to help trace the ButtonClick method:

When we run this code, the error message is still displayed:

This time something is sent to the CodeSite viewer.  Click on the thumbnail below to see the viewer's contents full size.

As you can see, using just CodeSite's EnterMethod and ExitMethod procedures, no information about the exception was sent to the viewer.  Worse, because CodeSite's ExitMethod call is skipped when the exception is raised, only the EnterMethod actually gets sent to the viewer.

What this means in the viewer is the next method to be traced in this application will appear indented, as if it were nested within the ButtonClick's EnterMethod and ExitMethod boundaries when in fact it is not.

So let's see how CodeSiteEx improves on things...