CodeSiteEx is the result of one man's work being carried on by the joint efforts of several developers.  Each has dedicated time and energy and deserves to receive the proper credit.  This page serves as my start to properly acknowledge those developers whose input has helped shape CodeSiteEx.  My sincere apologies to anyone who's name I may have missed.

Ray Konopka
Without Ray's work developing CodeSite, CodeSiteEx would never have come into being.

Dustin Campbell
CodeSiteEx's inventor.  Many thanks go out to Dustin, both for creating this utility and for granting me permission to maintain it for future versions of CodeSite.

Brad White
For all his hard work locating and resolving numerous CodeSiteEx issues and for re-implementing the CodeSite 2-style SendException method.

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Automatic Exception Notification    

High-Resolution Timer    

Additional Output Methods    

Third-Party Add-On Support    

Exception Logging    

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Robert Meek
For his help and for developing the JclDebugHandler.

Anthony Egerton
For providing MadExcept support and for locating and correcting issues in the ignored exceptions handling logic.

Ed Dressel
For updating MadExcept error reporting logic to work with MadExcept 3.

Rich Ackerson
For keeping CodeSiteEx alive for new versions of Delphi and CodeSite.